Quarry Products

Longwood Quarry produces a range of crushed Limestone graded aggregates and large block Limestone for architectural use and can also supply sands, gravel and ballast.

Product Types

Crusher Run Material :

These products consist of crushed and graded limestone starting with a maximum aggregate size and running down to dust. These materials are sometimes referred to as “downs” with the maximum size of aggregate in the material being quoted in the product name.

These products are as follows:

  • 3” down (-75mm)
  • 2” down (-50mm)
  • 1” down (-28mm)

This type of material is commonly used for back filling and levelling excavated areas prior to concreting, in structures such as grain store bases down to greenhouse bases. They may also be used for levelling car park areas and drive ways the size of the area determining the size of material to use. Generally these products are used on dry areas where good compaction is required.

MOT Type 1 and Trench fill :

These products are very similar to the crusher runs with the exception that they carry a certificate from the council highways department. This material is graded – 40mm down to dust and is used for a regulating course under highways some times referred to as sub-base.

The main difference between M.O.T (Ministry Of Transport) type one and trench fill is that the M.O.T type one carries a frost susceptibility rating.

6F1 and 6F5:

These materials are crushed and graded limestone carrying a highway certificate for the use as a regulating layer on council roads.

1A General fill:

This material is large 10” down (-250mm) used for back filling very large excavated areas again carrying a highway certificate.

Limestone dust and agricultural lime :

These materials consist of limestone fines, the dust being mainly used for blinding open surfaces and agricultural lime for the use of soil neutralisation.

Clean limestone products

These products consist of graded limestone and do not contain dust some times these are referred to as “cleans”.

1” Clean (14 to 28 mm)
2” Clean (40 to 50 mm)
3” Clean (50 to 75 mm)

These types of product are generally used for back filling and levelling of excavated areas where an open surface is required. This enables the surface to freely drain of water; the size of the material used is dictated by the area being covered.

40mm Clean:

This is a single sized aggregate mainly used in land drains, and as above allows water to pass through it.
It can also be used in a similar way to the clean materials previously mentioned.

Block stone:

These are large lime stone blocks weighing from 1tonne to 10tonnes in weight.

Please contact us for further details.


20mm Crushed Gravel:

This material some times known as “flint” gravel is commonly used for drive ways, garden paths and other decorative areas.

It is a slight golden colour and has an angular shape.

10mm pea gravel:

This material is used for the same purpose as the 20mm gravel but is of a smaller size, as the name suggests approximately the size of peas.

Both gravels can be used for drainage and pipe bedding purposes.

We are also able to source other decorative aggregates and gravels if required please do not hesitate to contact our sales department at the quarry.


This is a mixture of sands and gravel and is generally used for making concrete when mix with cement.

Both 10mm and 20mm ballasts are stocked at the quarry.


Sharp sand:

This is ideal for laying block paving, patio slabs and used by builders for plastering. It is also commonly used in the garden in seed composts where its course open structure allows moisture to move through it.

Soft sand

This is mainly used for mixing with cement to create a mortar for brick laying and general building work.

Road Arisings

This material is made from a recycled road surface and it is created when a machine known as a road planer mills the surface of the road into small chunks, sometimes referred to as “road planings”. It then can be re-used on driveways, yards and car parks as a running surface for vehicles and is generally a cheaper alternative to new tarmac or a concrete surface.

Recycled aggregates

These materials are produced by crushing old bricks, tiles broken concrete and concrete blocks and graded into similar clean and down sizes mentioned previously in the limestone products section.